Do you want to get started quickly in the Netherlands or are you looking for a different job? At our head office in Best you are always welcome for an introductory meeting. We like to get to know you so that we know what kind of job you are looking for and what your qualities are. 


Dominika Hajda is our permanent contact within FlexFirst EU recruitment. She speaks Polish, English and Dutch fluently. She has been managing foreign employees since 2004. She can help you with the next step in your career. Dominika has a personal  approach and good guidance. Interested in meeting her? Making an appointment is not necessary, but it does make it easier!


Contact Dominika Hajda: [email protected] / +316 - 40110273


FlexFirst EU-Recruitment

FlexFirst is a professional and reliable employment agency, with years of experience in deploying and guiding European staff. Since our stablishment in 2009, our organization has grown rapidly, partly due to the cooperation with local entrepreneurs via a franchise formula. This gives us the advantage of being able to pay attention to all temporary employees and offer the quality as a large organization at the same time.


FlexFirst defines as:

Personal & Involved
FlexFirst mediates people and not numbers. We like to get to know you first, so we can find a job that suits you. Together we determine where your qualities will be fully appreciated. 

Trustworthy & Honest
FlexFirst has taken care of all her business. We are affiliated with the NBBU (branch organisation) and we make sure you get the payment  of your salary on time. At FlexFirst, you will receive the same earnings as your colleagues, we do not differentiate.

Residence & Transport
The primary task is to act as a mediator between people and work. We strive to get you to live and work here independently. Of course we can help you find a quality residence and transport.


We are active in the following sectors:


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FlexFirst EU-recruitment